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Welcome, Meditators!


Join me and thousands of beautiful souls in the most important journey of your LIFE

Hi! I'm Raphael and my mission is to help you TRANSCEND from who you think you are, to who you REALLY are, at your full potential, Mind Body Heart and Spirit so that you can live your BEST LIFE at your FULL POTENTIAL, with a GOOD SOUL and in service to the WORLD.

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Personal coaching calls with Raphael

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Raphael Reiter

For many years, Raphael has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals transcend who they are through meditation and philosophy, thanks to his top-ranking podcast and popular youtube channel.

His best-selling meditation course has helped thousands of souls go deeper into their practice. The focus is not on becoming better meditators, but on becoming better human beings.

Raphael has also coached dozens of students through his holistic coaching practice, helping, guiding, and inspiring them through meditation, contemplation, and reflection on philosophical concepts to live a better life.

No matter your beliefs on meditation or spirituality in general, Raphael's unique and profoundly secular approach, has enabled thousands of people to find peace of mind, build better relationships, better physical and mental health, and most importantly, reconnect to their true selves - not an Ego blocked by the walls of our bodies, but beautiful, unique expressions of Nature, inter-dependent on all elements of Life.

Raphael's teachings are inspired by years of contemplation and study on Zen, Taoism and Stoicism.

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Holistic Coach, Meditation guide